RAGLAN BUDS FLOWER FARM – Woodland Styled Shoot

So what does Raglan have to offer the wedding market? The ladies from Raglan Buds Flower Farm (Kristel & Jenny) set out to showcase the individual talents that Raglan holds. Here’s what they had to say about the first part of their styled shoot :

Q. Who is involved in Raglan Buds Flower Farm ?
A. Kristel Lindfield and Jenny Gaunt, two close friends and neighbours who share a passion for gardening, nature and its ever-changing seasons. We create our designs predominantly using our homegrown flowers and consciously foraged elements. We love nothing more than making connections with others through the universal language of flowers.

Q. What services do you provide?
A. We provide fresh, farm-picked flowers for all occasions.
You can find a selection of our bouquets at the Raglan Four Square or call directly for a customized order with a delivery service for the Raglan to Hamilton areas. Subscriptions and mini subscriptions are also available and make a great gift or can brighten up your home/office/business.
We love to design flowers for all types of weddings and occasions and cater to all budgets.

Q. How did Raglan Buds Flower Farm start?
As busy mums with 6 young kids between us, we wanted to create a business that would fit in around our families and utilize our love of the land. Something that could nurture our passions for growing, creating and working with nature. Having previously focused on growing food and natives, suddenly we launched into the wide world of flowers and foliage and it’s been like learning a magical new language. 

Q. What was the intention of the photo shoot?
To pull together some of the creative souls here in Raglan and collectively showcase their talents and services. Also to have a laugh and play dress ups! 

Q. Please give some details about the day? How did it all go? What was the most enjoyable aspect? The funniest moment?

One of the biggest challenges of organizing this outdoor shoot was having to work around the weather. We eventually managed to get a day with no rain and had perfect overcast conditions. Originally we had planned on doing one big shoot using multiple locations on our properties. In the end we decided to break it up into two different shoots over two days, part 1 being a Woodland themed shoot and part 2, a Moroccan Bohemian Tipi shoot.

The inspiration for the first shoot came from the beautiful bespoke bohemian wedding dress that was made especially for the shoot. We wanted to create a romantic rustic woodland scene. Using muted pastel tones, rich luxurious textures and magical lighting in the bush. Jono and Saras a couple in real life, soon relaxed into their roles. Kay the photographer and Saras the model have a special energy when they work together, and with everyone being friends it made for a fun relaxed vibe.

One of the most memorable parts of that shoot was near the end of the day, the sun was getting really low. We asked Saras if she would mind taking some shots in the creek. She happily obliged and didn’t even batter an eyelid when our pet eels swam up around her feet!

Q. Who was involved?
Photographer – Kay Buchanan
Models – Saras Howie, Jono Hutson, Monica Grimshaw and Ayla Lindfield
Props – The White Wedding Club
Floral Design – Raglan Buds Flower Farm
Dress – Dominique Lecourtois Couture
Groom’s Clothing – Atamira
Jewellery – Ocean Inlays, Little Bright and Wonderland
Makeup – Monica Grimshaw
Hair – Tonic Hairdressing
Food and Beverage – Feast Box, Dizzy Blocks, Raglan Brewing Company

Q. How can couples contact you?
Phone: 021 257 8729
Email: ​info@raglanbuds.co.nz
Facebook and Instagram


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