RAGLAN BUDS FLOWER FARM – Moroccan Bohemian Tipi Styled Shoot

Styling a Moroccan, Bohemian wedding shoot in Raglan, more tantalizing images from the Raglan Buds, Kristel & Jenny.

Q. What was the idea behind the second stage of your shoot?
For the second shoot we wanted to make it a bit more colorful and decided to go for a Moroccan bohemian theme. Monica the make up artist and Kristel’s daughter Ayla happily played models for this one. Bridget from The White Wedding Club styled the tipi space beautifully with her gorgeous pieces. Alongside the delicious Feast Box platter and Dizzy Ice blocks. We used a colourful array of our homegrown spring bulbs and red waratahs to create the flower designs. At the end of the shoot Kay had an idea for Monica to be laying down on the hides surrounded in blooms so we pulled them all off their stems, threw them around the place and let her play sleeping beauty. We all had a blast, connections and friendships were made and we’re looking forward to working on future projects together.

Q. How do you see Raglan Buds Flower Farm growing in the future?
We envision having every spare inch of our 3 acres covered in colourful, thriving flowers and foliage!! It can take time for plants and flowers to grow so we need to practice patience.
We would like to offer workshops, internships, farm visits and develop our own seed and plant range to share with other garden enthusiasts or growers.

Q. Are you looking forward to the summer season ahead?
Yes! We are very excited for this coming wedding season and can’t wait to play with all the summer blooms that are starting to pop out.


Photographer – Kay Buchanan
Models – Saras Howie, Jono Hutson, Monica Grimshaw and Ayla Lindfield
Props – The White Wedding Club
Floral Design – Raglan Buds Flower Farm
Dress – Dominique Lecourtois Couture
Groom’s Clothing – Atamira
Jewellery – Ocean Inlays, Little Bright and Wonderland
Makeup – Monica Grimshaw
Hair – Tonic Hairdressing
Food and Beverage – Feast Box, Dizzy Blocks, Raglan Brewing Company


Raglan Buds Flower Farm
Phone: 021 257 8729
Email: ​info@raglanbuds.co.nz
Facebook and Instagram



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